Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Individuals on the spectrum have a different way of thinking about the world that effects how they understand themselves and experience the world. The three key areas affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder  are: Communication, Rigid Restrictive Thinking Patterns and Social Interactions including relationships.

Assessment, ASD  therapy (child & adult), couple, parent and family work is available.  School Liaising and Legal Advocate.  FaHCSIA & NDIS registered

Autism Professional Development (PD)  is available to educate staff in primary, secondary, tertiary education, medical and corporate institutions.

Comprehensive information on ASD symptoms and Government Funding Packages can be found on

The Melbourne and  Gold Coast Clinics offer ASD assessment and therapeutic intervention (child & adult),  ASD Parenting and sibling work (FaHCSIA claimable) and ASD PD for schools and institutions.

A lunchtime monthly ASD partner support group meeting is held at 601, 370 St Kilda Road Melbourne. Call ph. 0400440514 to attend. Cost is free.